Friday, December 12, 2008

12 of 12

Thanks to Chad for the cool "12 of 12" concept. On the 12th of the month you take 12 pictures to show how you spent your day. Go here for bigger versions of the pics.

Chad's recently started a fight with cancer, so it's amazing to me that he's even up to the task of doing this again this month. I've had, and have, my own health issues but the Big C isn't one of them and hopefully never will be. My thoughts and best wishes go out to him.

At any rate, here's how I spent the 12th this month:

7:34 am
Woke up late again this morning. This has been one of those weeks when I've overslept almost almost every day for some reason.

8:17 am
On the way to work. One of the perks of being late for work is that most of the morning traffic has thinned a bit.

12:01 pm
A cool sculpture in a yard near work.

12:08 pm
Lunch at Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company.
Great pizza and amazing micro-brews, although I didn't drink at lunch today...that annoying "go back to work" thing.
Try their "Shiva" beer if you're ever here. It's very tasty.

12:20 pm
A sample of the cool hand-painted walls inside.

12:53 pm
The "Wall of Remote Controls".
I really enjoy the creativity and uniqueness of this place and this town.

1:11 pm
The sundial at the entrance to work, just outside the window to my office.

4:23 pm
The sparsely decorated Holiday Tree in the lobby at work. Huge controversy over its decorations this year, but I won't get into that. Note the crooked pictures and lampshade, and the holiday cards strewn about.

4:46 pm
(Yup, came in late and left early today)
View from my bank's parking lot. This is the last bits of the storm that dumped record snowfall everywhere else but here.

5:17 pm
Stopping by FedEx to drop off some packages.

5:25 pm
Looking back towards Asheville on my way home.
(Ignore the ugly parking lot)

6:03 pm
Leftovers for supper on a Friday night.
Such a glamorous life I lead, no?
It's not the prettiest lasagna I've ever made, but the taste makes up for what it lacks in looks.


Pete said...

I love the wall of remotes, that's really cool. Nice pics Tony!

Martini Dan said...

Great photos. That pizza place is really cool! Happy Holidays!

David said...

Hey, you work with what you've got. The Asheville Pizza photos were very cool. Is that Shiva beer, as in the Hindu deity?

Zippy said...

One of my dear friends lives outside of Asheville, so it's nice to see another point of view of the city! Love the wall of remotes...that's really witty.


Tony said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. And yeah their Shiva beer is named after the Hindu deity. It's a very hoppy India Pale Ale.

Christin said...

Love the wall of remote controls! Great pictures! Happy Holidays!

Dogeared said...

Great photos, I love the wall of remotes - so cool!

Sorry I'm late - nightmare trip home and busy week, I'm just catching up now. See you in 2009! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!