Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Ridgeline

Date: April 1, 2010
Destination: Random Ridgeline above Hot Springs
Sleeping location: Tent
Daily miles: 8.0

Another perfect day weather-wise. It might have actually been a touch too hot, my forehead and face feel sunburnt.

The coolest thing today happened about a third of the way up Bluff Mountain. There was a small clearing about a hundred yards from the Trail & a jeep was parked there with people milling about. I looked closer and it looked to be an archaeological digsite of some sort. Very, very nifty! I should have stopped to chat with them but I kept going up the mountain instead.

Had lunch today sitting on a rock at the top of Bluff Mountain. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful spot. It was a fun climb up and well worth the effort.

The worst thing today was an error on my trail map. I got to where I'd planned on stopping earlier than anticipated, and since my map showed a tiny knob with only a 140ft elevation gain ahead, I decided to push on for another 30mins or so. 2 hours & much higher than 140ft later, I finally reached the top. Guess that was my "April Fools" for the day.

I'm camped tonight on a ridgeline just on the other side of this unnamed mointain. Pulled an 8.0 mile day today, and man does everything hurt. Should make it to Hot Springs tomorrow.

Walnut Mountain Shelter

Date: March 31, 2010
Destination: Walnut Mountain Shelter
Sleeping location: Tent
Daily miles: 4.9

Woke up this morning with a thick frost on the tent. It was a cold one last night.

Got off to a late start this morning, but that was according to plan. The next shelter was just under 5 miles away so I knew it would be a short day. I took my time and enjoyed the journey today.

Once the sun came up and defrosted everything the day was perfect. Not too warm or cold, and the spring sun shone in a cloudless sky. Wonderful day to be in the woods.

I'm camped on a small ridge above the shelter tonight. I tried to position the tent so it'll catch the earliest rays of the morning sun, just in case it's frigid again this evening.

Roaring Fork Gap Shelter

Date: March 30, 2010
Destination: Roaring Fork Gap Shelter
Sleeping location: Tent
Daily miles: 1.8

Due to several recent happenings it's going to be a rather short section hiking journey this time. No worries though, even a little bit of the AT is better than none at all.

BigFoot dropped me off at Max Patch this evening after he got off work, so I booked it to Roaring Fork Gap Shelter before it got dark. Only a 1.8 mile day, but a good start nonetheless. It's looking to be a chilly evening but tomorrow's weather is supposed to be amazing so a bit of cold tonight will be worth it.

It feels utterly fantastic to be back on the AT again, even for a short time.