Sunday, November 16, 2008


I actually left the apartment and went out this Saturday night. And it was even for a worthy cause too! A friend works part-time at the Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP), and I volunteered to help out at their 2008 Raise Your Hand Benefit Dinner & Auction. It's an annual event and was held at the Grove Park Inn this year. They had a silent auction that was loaded with cool stuff and then a live auction that they held after dinner.

I helped with some data entry stuff for the auctions at the event and also with the checkout procedures to get all the items to the people who won them. It was a tad chaotic at the end with everyone trying to leave at the same time (and of course the typical computer problems that always happen when you don't need them to) but it was a pretty cool evening. A lot of people showed up and much money was raised. Although I'm not sure how much impact this year's economic fun had on it compared to previous years.

A trip to Denny's and then some margaritas (and maybe a rum & coke or two) (and a few beers) rounded out the night and made for a fun day. 'Course Sunday was spent napping and being lazy.

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