Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Came across this today and thought it was interesting. It's from the site National

Taxpayers in Asheville, North Carolina have paid $101.2 million for the Iraq War thus far. For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided:

21,681 People with Health Care or
80,313 Homes with Renewable Electricity or
2,592 Public Safety Officers or
1,898 Music and Arts Teachers or
20,114 Scholarships for University Students or
8 New Elementary Schools or
958 Affordable Housing Units or
48,280 Children with Health Care or
13,738 Head Start Places for Children or
2,099 Elementary School Teachers or
1,549 Port Container Inspectors

Not that the money actually would have spent on anything as remotely beneficial as the list above, of course.

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Rob Montgomery said...

What I find interesting is that when left leaning groups find what they consider wasted tax dollars, their first thought is "Look what we could fund with this money" and not "We should give it back to the tax payers. The people who had it taken from their pocket. We should let them decide where the money is spent."