Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catching Up

Yeah the updates have been spotty and I haven’t been here much. I’d like to say I’ve been busy outside enjoying the nice summer weather, but that’s not even remotely the case. The real reason is pure laziness. Maybe I’ll do better and keep things moving at a better pace.

MRI Results 1: My brain looks normal. Cool, I’m ok (but damn it, was hoping for a medical excuse for my lazy attitude and lack of goals). Diagnosis: get off my ass and stop looking for excuses.

MRI Results 2: I have an almost complete occlusion of my left subclavian artery with some retrograde flow, possibly from capillary feed and my left vertebral artery. Translation: the artery in my left arm is almost completely blocked off; there is some blood flow through other vessels, but not much. That’s why my left arm gets “tired” after 15-20mins of constant use and is weaker than my right. All of which I’ve known about since I was 12. Diagnosis: there isn’t much to be done unless it gets worse; then it will involve taking a piece of "extra" vein from my leg and using it in my shoulder to bypass the blockage.

The vascular surgeon was very cool and talked to me like a real, live person instead of an interesting case study. Plus, he’s a decent amateur photographer with some really cool shots of his hiking treks on his office walls.

It’s been chilly (in the 40s this morning, in June!) and raining a lot lately. I love it.

The annoyingly loud downstairs neighbors have finally moved out! Hopefully some sweet little old lady who doesn’t own a stereo capable of shaking the building at 7 o’clock on a Sunday morning will move in now.

I found out indirectly that my services will no longer be needed. Sucks that I wasn’t given the courtesy of being told directly, or even told why for that matter, but I had a feeling something was amiss from our interactions (or lack thereof). On the up side, large chunks of my free time are my own again and I don’t have to worry about holding my tongue about certain subjects anymore.

I finally saw “Iron Man” at the theatre. Holy shit, what a good movie. Much better than I ever expected it to be, especially since I don’ really care for Robert Downey Jr. By far the best movie I've seen at the theatre in a very long time.

Wonder if I'll find something to post tomorrow or if it'll be another week or so.

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