Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Call

What a beautiful weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, 50s-70s with a nice cool breeze blowing pretty much all day and night. The all-day rain we had on Friday and the lower temps made Saturday gorgeous. With all the windows open it made for great sleeping weather. Twas 61 degrees this morning inside the apartment and it felt fantastic. I'm hoping this kind of weather holds and it doesn't get hot again this year. I'm ready to break out the blankets and quilts and settle in for Fall and a nice, snowy Winter.

It was a friend's birthday on Friday and we were planning on going out for a bit to celebrate, but I pulled my usual routine and chickened out. She called me back on Saturday and talked me into going though, so I spent the night out on the town. It's been a very long time since I shut a place down for the evening and left as they were turning out the lights, but I had a great time. She's already talking about heading back this coming weekend, and I might just have to take her up on it. I've got to get over myself and start going out into public and socializing more often. I don't particularly want to do it until 3am every time I go out though.

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